What is a Reasure monitoring system?

It remotely monitors the fire alarm systems that must be maintained and operated in accordance with the fire protection regulations in public buildings and facilities, and reports the fire alarms and / or system malfunctions to the construction officials and local authorities as quickly as possible, and ensures that those who are waiting are regularly serviced and tested.


  • Produced according to EN54-21 Standard.
  • Fulfills all the requirements of the EN54-21 Standard.
  • The system is designed to operate 7/24 365 days without interruption.
  • Alarm and / or Fault information (Min 10 sec - Max 30 sec) is transmitted to users.
  • System alarm and fault records are stored and reported in the desired time.
  • A desired number of single or networked fire alarm panels can be defined to the system. Theoretically there is no limit.
  1. The operating cost is very economical.
  2. Data communication optionally
  3. Over GPRS / GSM lines
  4. Over Ethernet Lines (LAN to WAN)
  5. Over WiFi Lines (LAN to WAN)
  • Optional CCTV camera system for buildings / facilities can be integrated. The alarm point can be displayed online by CCTV cameras and the alarm notification can be confirmed.
  • Alarm / error notifications are communicated to users via the mobile application within a maximum of 10 seconds.
  • Alarm / error notifications are sent to users via SMS within 10 seconds.
  • Alarm / error notifications are communicated to users via voice call system within 10 seconds.
  • Alarm / error notifications are emailed to users within 30 seconds.
  • Any number of persons responsible can be defined for the system. (Username, password, phone, email)
  • System notification approvals are recorded.
  • With the administration and reporting software, sequential managers defined in the regulation can be registered in public buildings and facilities.
  • If necessary, the hierarchy of the notification can be provided by defining the working hours of the users.
  • In the regular packages and tests of the fire alarm system, the system is put into service mode and the transactions carried out are recorded. Non-maintained elements such as panel, loop, zone, detector, button, module, etc. are monitored.
  • During the regular service, the authorized service company and its technical staff are recorded. The process is checked by comparing the maintenance report and system records.
  • The notifications received in certain periods are reported via the management and reporting software and the requirements of the fire alarm system or the requirements of the building / facility are determined. Necessary improvements and measures can be taken.
  • Information about the coordination of GPS of the building and the object is recorded. In emergency situations, the shortest route information can be transmitted to first aid and response teams.
  • Information about the risks of the building and the facility can be recorded. It can be shared with response teams during the incident.