About Reasure

Our company has 25 years of sector experience as Finder Fire Security and Electronic Systems.

  • It has Trademark Postponement at domestic and in the UK.
  • Our company has 11 Trademark registrations.
  • Our company has 9 Industrial patents.
  • Our company has 28 product conformity certificates.

As a result of these experiences, our company analyzing the requirements of the industry and developed the Reasure Remote Monitoring system.


In 2019, our company carried out remote monitoring projects for the fire alarm systems of hotels and industrial facilities in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.


In 2018 Traditional ATSO won the innovation award for its 50-year award with the project "Economic integration of brand and model-independent automation systems in public buildings and facilities as well as industrial plants on a common platform".


In the last quarter of 2018, the project for a fire monitoring system for organized industrial zones, which specializes in Istanbul Machinery, was started.


In 2017 we carried out remote monitoring projects for industrial fire alarm systems in Bahrain, Oman and Qatar.


From 2016 Online fire detection systems were monitored remotely and users in many facilities in the tourist regions of Antalya were informed.


In 2015 we carried out field tests in the industrial zone organized by Antalya.


In 2014, the end product was obtained through stress tests.


It received the first prototype in 2013 and carried out laboratory test studies.


In 2012, the Reasure Fire Alarm Systems remote monitoring project started research and development studies.


In 2011, BSM Building implemented the project for integrating automation systems and added it to the product portfolio.